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  • Release time:2020-9-18 9:50:47

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  • Product Features
    Model number :BKBUX0XXH
    Power voltage:Three Phase 220V/380V/660V
    Braking voltage : 600V~680V(revisable)
    Frequency range :45Hz-65Hz
     Power range :Below 400KW

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  •                  Production describetion

    Brake unit also called brake chopper.BKBU series energy brake unit uses advanced power of technology and high performance MCU controller, and combined with the new generation of IGBT power devices, then research and development of high-performance brake products.This series products can be used in the lift , crane, elevator, centrifuge, oilfield machinery and other occasions. This item can release the electrical energy which produced in the braking process through power resistor(braking resistor), to generate sufficient braking torque, in order to ensure the inverter and other equipment can operate normally.

    The Shell braking unit use Infineon module,can guarantee the single machine operation normally with 400KW, also can be used as  multi-parallel . High-end braking unit adopt control panel,with displayed keyboard. All the internal component are imported.


    Shell electrical technology brake unit is for frequency inverter control system, apply to the  situation need motor braking, including  numerically-controlled machine tool , paper manufacturing machiner,elevator industrial , centrifugal separation device,lift , mine hoist and so on .

                                 Functional characteristics

    Small volume, Wide applicability;

    The equipment has complete fault protection function;

    Multiple parallel use;

    Apply to all brand of inverter;

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                                   Brake chopper High-end type



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