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  • BK DC reactor未推广
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  • BK DC reactor made of imported high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet , mainly for the inverter and rectifier circuit , in order to improve the power factor and filter interference from ripple voltage and current. Also can restrict the transient of power grid voltage.

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  •       Product introduction

    BK input(output) filter is a kind of passive low-pass filter,effectively inhibit the propagation along the power line conducted interference, also can greatly reduce the radiated interference generated in electronic equipment ,all the materials and components passed the worst environment condition test, with customized size , do not need fan , can be installed on the spot , easy operation and apply to all brands of inverter.

                         Product Features
    Power range :0.75-400KW
    Voltage range : DC500V~DC540V
    Operating temperature :-25℃-+85℃
    Insulation resistor:Line-to ground 200M 500VDC


    Filter apply to the devices which need strong  interference eliminator like  data processing system,telecommunications system, power supply, elevator industry and frequency inverter. Can reduce the temperature rise of motor and motor running noise.

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