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  • Use Special vertical corrugated flat wire wrap, combine close, Good heat dissipation;
    Surface is coated with high temperature insulation coating;
    No noise, no interference, no harmful magnetic field;
    Easy to install and apply to any brand of inverter.

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  •                      Product introduction

    HR by series of corrugated resistor is in the ceramic tube as a skeleton ,raised the two terminals in the ceramic, the ceramic tube corrugated alloy resistance wire is uniformly wound on the surface , the surface is coated with high temperature insulation coating. Ceramic tube as the resistance wire skeleton and also with heat radiation function. This product is applicable to simulate the load test , the equipment discharge,automatic control , inverter power brake.

                       functional characteristics

    Use Special vertical corrugated flat wire wrap, combine close, Good heat dissipation;
    Surface is coated with high temperature insulation coating;
    No noise, no interference, no harmful magnetic field;
    Easy to install and apply to any brand of inverter.

                         Product Features

    Power range :50W-3000W

    Voltage range : ≤1.2KV

    Resistance Range:1Ω-10KΩ

    Dielectric strength : AC3KV 50Hz/5s

    IP protection :IP00

    Advantage:High Voltage application

    Disadvantage: Less Vibration


    Widely used in simulated load experiment,device power distribution, frequency inverter braking.

                        Product picture




    Customized dimension and specifications are acceptable according to customers’ requirement , also can produce multiple resistance values of one ceramic tube or cancel the fixed plank.



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